Kyber Outerwear is a unique clothing company offering distinctive clothing to people who are looking for style at a great price.  We specialize in wool sweaters, wool hats and mittens and most recently wool dryer balls.  Our goal is to design clothing that is super warm, comfortable and stands out from the sea of uniformity.  We have always believed in fair trade and ethical practices even before it was fashionable to do so.


Our latest collection for 2016 was designed by Gina Kim.  She has tirelessly imagined what the wool collection can be and has brought it to life with the people in Nepal that we work with. Without exception, she is the success behind the designs and inspiration in the products.


We've had lots of great years of marketing great clothing and our philosophy has changed over the years.  What is most important to us is that we enjoy what we do and try to have some fun doing it. We work at Kyber because, like our clothes, it's a great experience and we wouldn't trade it for anything else.





Todd Lavigne was backpacking around the world in the mid 1990's.  After ending up in Nepal at the end of the trip it seemed a logical choice to import a few things and see how it goes... 

That decision proved to be a life changer.  After a few more years abroad and a lot more backpacking he started importing full time from Nepal.  Like any business, those early years had a lot of ups and downs but both Todd Lavigne and Gina Kim poured their hearts into the business and it began to grow.  After 15 years, we're happy to say that the products are still going strong and we're still really enjoying what we do.


By wearing a piece of Kyber, we hope that we can empower your passions and help you embrace your everyday adventures.